How Coolsculpting Fat Freezing Works?

Weight loss theory is simple: eat fewer calories than you expend our body and exercise. But it has complicated rules, and take time to get results.

Scientific, medical and commercial enterprises are constantly seeking new methods to lose weight involving less effort for the patient and provide faster results. The latest slimming technique is the CoolSculpting, a method that involves freezing fat cells to destroy them and expel them through urine or feces. It is a technique that doesn’t have pain or discomfort and produces final results because the fat cells are destroyed by freezing.

Coolsulpting, the new weight loss method

The theory behind CoolSculpting is simple: the area where the fat accumulates a protective gel, and two freezing plates that reduce the temperature of fat cells to 7 degrees below zero are applied is covered. With a thermal device, this freezing occurs without the patient feels cold. Coolsculpting fat freezing is a nonsurgical procedure using a controlled freezing and destroys the fat device. Is designed for removal of adipose tissue or fat, this is done by a machine that freezes fat, views there of this procedure are good since it is a simple and effective treatment and is noninvasive. The process of freezing fat does not require surgery, is a procedure by the US FDA approved, making it an alternative, simple, and does not require prolonged recovery time, as, in the case of surgery, it is completely ambulatory. Currently, it is quite feasible and safe to get rid of the accumulation of fat, especially the one in the abdomen option.

The process of CoolSculpting Fat Freezing

Fat areas are pressed between the skin cooler, which cools to a temperature so low that cause fat cells crystallize and then die. Dermatologists found that it was effective in reducing subcutaneous fat, which does not affect the function of organs or damage the skin. It is a sophisticated method, created to reduce the fat layer, and adipocytes when subjected to cold temperatures enter a state of apoptosis and promoting their elimination.

Adipose cells are frozen and destroyed, converting triglycerides are filtered by the liver and naturally expelled by the body via the urine or feces. Fat freezing is not designed to remove large amounts of fat; it is to remove small amounts of fat in specific areas, such as the fat side of the abdomen or arm fat. The destruction of adipocyte fat does not occur immediately and requires time. You will notice that the volume of adipose tissue that has been accumulated in the body gradually decrease between two to three months. You can see the result within this period. Each session lasts an hour, and the patient can go home quietly, because as we said no pain, and is an external treatment. In one study 25% reduction of the lateral abdominal fat after four months of the procedure was found. After losing weight, you can have laser skin tightening to make your skin firm.

How long will CoolSculpting Fat Freezing take effect?

The results will depend on the thickness of the layer of fat that has to initiate treatment, after assessment and guidance on physician practice procedure. The results can be visible after three to four weeks after being made, ideally, observe at six weeks and see who has a remarkably decreased fat layer. As mentioned, these results will be seen gradually; it takes two, three to four months. While this may mean that slow the process, we must remember that it is non-invasive treatment, so once they have been removed adipocyte fat, the body takes time to remove them. Therefore it could be concluded to undergo treatment as coolsculpting fat freezing, it has a long-term effect, not immediate.

Limitation of Coolsculpting

Although it seems a useful and aseptic the system, technical slimming CoolSculpting has its handicaps. It does not work in removing large amounts of fat. This treatment is not suitable for obese.  Each one-hour session can destroy only about 50 grams of fat cells according to the weight loss clinic that provides the treatment. In some places becomes up to $ 1700 per session, is too costly compared to diet and exercise. Thus removing a kilo of fat is only available to people without financial worries. But we assume that the technique will be refined and will become cheaper over time.

CoolSculpting is already being offered in a lot of clinics where there have been more than one million sessions. Such health clinics also offer other services such as gentle hair removal. It is expected that more clinics will offer this treatment in the future.

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